Katie is a young girl about Ryder's age who works at the Adventure Bay Vet Clinic. She is loving and caring, and she has a pet cat named Cali, who is seen with.


Katie is a young girl who works as a pet groomer at the local vet. She said she has a grandmother in "Pups Save a Train", but whether she is paternal (on her father's side of the family) or maternal (on her mother's side) is never said. She is rumored to have a crush on Ryder in "Pups Get A Lift". She is seen to be a big sister figure to Alex.


Katie cares about animals, and she makes sure they are healthy, well-bathed and happy. Katie is kind, loving, romantic, pretty and caring.


Katie is a slender girl with blonde hair with a pink hairband with a big red heart and a little pink heart. She has blueish-green eyes. She wears a pink and purple striped sleeveless shirt, blue short pants and blue slippers. In "Pups Save a Pool Day", she wears a pink bathing suit with white polka dots and a white skirt and red slippers. In "Pups Get a Lift", she wears a purple helmet with two hearts on it, a pink winter coat, blue pants and brown boots. In "Pups and the Ghost Pirate", she dresses up as a witch.