water pup
Vital statistics
Position Water Rescue Pup
Age Unknown
Status Chocolate Labrador and Water Pup
Likes Scuba Diving with ryder during missions, Walruses, Seals and sleeping
Dislikes Unknown

Zumassex is a male Chocolate Labrador and the water rescue pup of the paw patrol


Zuma is a Chocolate Labrador retriever puppy, with a slight speech impediment. His main duties as a PAW Patrol member are aquatic (Related to water). His main color is orange, given that he normally wears an orange helmet on duty his jacket and pup pack are orange too. His vehicle is a kind of speedboat called a hovercraft.

Nick DescriptonEdit

Zuma is all about the water! This Chocolate Labrador loves to laugh and surf. He lives in his boathouse and dives into action in his hovercraft. Zuma has lots of energy for any adventure in store for him!


Zuma is very laid-back and calm, though not as serious when it comes to duty as he is mature, but he is always loyal and has an abundant liking for ryder However, though he and Rocky are good friends, despite the fact that rocky has aquaphobia, he and skye are unusally very competitive over each 

 other. Once, in Pups Fall Festival, Zuma and Skye even argued about who 


Zuma is an excellent swimmer, with scuba gear that support him when in his underwater missions.


Zuma is a Chocolate Labrador puppy. He has brown fur, floppy ears, and yellow and green-ish eyes. His collar is black and has a tag that's orange with an silver anchor symbol on it. His gear is orange with a water helmet and scuba gear strapped to his back.


  • "Ready, set, get wet!"
  • "Dude!" (US only)
  • "Let's dive in!"
  • "Nice serve!"
  • "Ready when you are Ryder"
  • "Zuma uh... on the double